become a mover

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Your source of fitness expertise, premium personal training and movement workshops by Austrian-Australian personal trainer and holistic mover Danny Donko - currently based in Graz, Austria.


balance physicality

Obtain the tools to combine health, aesthetics, performance and artistic expression

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move better

Practice essential, effective, sustainable, functional fitness and holistic movement - free of disciplinary dogmas.

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be mindful

Become conscious of your own physicality, reflect on your trainings, analyse strengths and weaknesses while staying in the moment and enjoying the continuous process.

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the introductive concept to functional movement training by defining four building blocks - four main areas that your physical practice should incorporate respectively consist of – reflected in the four icons within our logo. Filtering out the essence of sustainable human movement without having to deal with the confinement of restrictive disciplinary dogmas lets you create a sustainable fitness toolset for life.



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