Danny Donko

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The bilingual Austrian-Australian has been in the fitness industry for over a decade and is an enthusiastic, restless autodidactic mover himself – he has dedicated his life to studying everything on human movement, beyond simple, dogmatic physical disciplines towards creating his own holistic approach at physicality, inspired by many people at the forefront of Movement Culture.

Utilising but not limiting himself to elements of bodyweight fitness training – referred to as Calisthenics, the physicality of Yoga, Pilates, gymnastics, various forms of functional weight training and Olympic Lifting and open to discovering forms of martial arts, parkour & free running, ball and fun sports, the arts of dance and more – Danny has set out to accumulate as much experience in and knowledge on human movement as possible, while aiming at enabling its applicability to his clients’ and fellow movers’ everyday lives.

His professional expertise in sports science, inter alia attained with the degree from the Austrian State Academy of Sports (BSPA Austria), merged with the passion for movement and fitness alongside the empathy for the people around him, contribute to his continuous personal and professional growth.


  “There is so much more to being fit and healthy than spending every day at the gym. Don't stick with a single dogma. Explore various disciplines. Be open-minded towards other teachings. Learn from people that are passionate about and authentic in what they do. Be creative. Enjoy owning a body. Become a mover!”            

Danny Donko



the philosophy

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Many consider the term “fitness” to be a restrictive dogma that has led its followers away from the actual purpose of owning a healthy, functional body towards superficial goals.

The problem lies in how our society and its industry have altered our perception – fitness is either marketed as pure aesthetics, achieving the tiniest waist, being extremely lean, gaining the most muscle, covering the greatest distances as proof of stamina, displaying raw strength and being about performance numbers, or becoming hyper-flexible or super-skilled in a narrow sense, without questioning what we really could be doing – balancing the body in the various fields of conditioning and securing longevity as healthy, functional movers.

TRAINFORYOU sees fitness as a way to reach the attention of a large part of today’s urbanised people, who are aware that they need to devote a good part of their time towards maintaining physical health – through fitness training – and through this introduce them to its true fundamentals and further holistic movement culture.

Break the superficial layer of fitness by uniting the objectives health, superficial aesthetics or looks, performance and art – nobody can compete with you, in being the best you – with your unique mixture and variety.     


the method

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TRAINFORYOU has developed an introductive concept to holistic and functional movement training by defining four building blocks, as in four main areas that your overall movement alongside your weekly training routines should incorporate respectively consist of – reflected in the four icons composing the logo. 

It was a main objective to filter out the essence of sustainable human movement without having to deal with the confinement of possibly restrictive disciplinary dogmas. Thereby making it accessible to people that have not yet gathered all the relevant tools and want to improve in areas of conditioning they are lacking – be it mobility and flexibility, strength, speed, stamina, balance and coordination – in acquiring skills applicable to Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, functional training, martial arts, locomotion, flow and animal patterns, track and field, endurance disciplines, ball and fun sports and more – as well as balancing their individual physicality and creating a sustainable fitness toolset for life.

In addition to the training sessions we provide our clients with premium support in all fitness matters – primarily we believe in active face-to-face coaching – we move and train with you and follow up support via email, phone-hotline and text messaging! We present our system as keynote speakers at various events, support clients on business trips and make sure they get their sessions done, or simply coach you to reach your ambitions by monitoring your progress and adapting your trainings to maximize results.

No matter if you are a beginner wanting to get in shape or an athlete on the lookout for additional expertise. We bring the fitness and movement philosophy to you – personal training or group workshops with your friends or colleagues – at our studio; the MovementGallery in the heart of Graz, at your home, office and outdoors!